We are so proud to announce our first clothing drop! It has been a long time coming and there were many lessons along the way. We never realised how much effort actually goes in to making a clothing brand that isn’t just your generic off the shelf produce. sm5a7293

When we first attempted to get the clothing off the ground last year, we soon realised that most of the start up streetwear clothing brands in the UK and Europe (probably the whole world for all we know) go to the same sources for their garments. There are a select few mass manufacturing brands that most embroidery and printing companies offer you when you approach them with your design ideas. Brands like Gildan and Fruit of the Loom to name a couple. Now although these garments are available in a huge variety of shapes and colours, we were very aware that so many small brands start this way.

sm5a7445 For us at King Koby, this just didn’t align with our BROTHERHOOD OF DEFIANCE mantra, the whole purpose of the clothing was to make something different. So this wasn’t the path we wanted to go down, no offence to anyone wanting to start up their own clothing label, as this is an affordable and easier route to take. We just had to look a little harder. The clothing quality are testament to the extra effort put in. From the Jackets to the T-shirts, from the hoodies to the snap back caps, everything was made from scratch and built to last.


We hope you Enjoy this look book shot by Alex Robson, @alexjrobson – the latest edition to the King Koby family. All models are part of the Brotherhood. Follow them @kingkobychopshop and @kingkobyclothing. All Jeans were supplied by Denham. @denhamthejeanmaker

Thanks for reading, enjoy the rest of the photos and check out the online store.

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